FLIP MY PARTY: Recruiting Made Easy

Flip My Party flyer from StampinFool.com is a great way to let hostesses know that they can turn their love for stamping into an easy flip.


Did you read my last post about using a Party Outline as a recruiting tool? I have seen it done in many other direct sales companies and it is a great way to help you navigate your parties.  In addition to using the Party Outline at every party I host or demonstrate, I use the Flip My Party Flyer.

When a hostess books a party, I send out a packet.  It includes a catalog or seasonal catalog, three handmade cards (two seasonal if appropriate) and one general.  Adding the cards is a great way to pique the interest of guests.  The hostess can feel out her friends by showing them the amazing handmade cards that they will get to make at her party!

The packet also includes a Hostess Checklist, for which I follow up each step of the way.  But, one of the most important things I include is the FLIP MY PARTY Flyer.  I email it out to the hostess before the party, after she receives the packet.  The email goes something like this: “I wanted to make sure you received the Hostess packet I mailed out.  Also, I have an amazing special that I offer to all of my hostesses and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.  Check out the flyer attached.  Let me know what you think!”

Simple, right?  It is that easy.  They flyer explains everything easily and it gives the hostess a chance to think about getting the benefits from her party ASAP without putting on the pressure.  After all, we joined Stampin’ Up! because we loved the products, the discounts, the friendships, and of course the sneak peeks.  Oh and the extra paycheck for doing what you love is always an incentive!

Feel free to download the FLIP MY PARTY flyer, but make sure you don’t crop out my logo or watermark.  I offer my materials for free, but appreciate your cooperation in maintainig the work I put into it.

Flip My Party flyer from StampinFool.com is a great way to let hostesses know that they can turn their love for stamping into an easy flip.

Preview of the Stampin’ Up Party Outline

Keep reading and get the download below.The Stampin Up Party Outline will help you prepare for every party or workshop and is a MUST have for training and recruiting. The best recruiting tool you have is showing what you love and using the outline to show others how easy it can be. Stampin' Up Training from StampinFool.com

I’ve been a demonstrator forever, Do I need it?

YES!  The answer is yes.  Even though you know how you run a stamp party frontwards and backwards, this flyer is a recruiting tool.  It let’s hostesses know that the offer to join Stampin Up is extended to them.  I guarantee it will spark interest in your customers.

Remember, when a customer says no, it means not right now, it may not mean “No” forever.

Download it NOW: Stampin’ Up FLIP MY PARTY}

Happy hosting and recruiting!  Be sure to let me know how the Flip My Party flyer works at your next event by leaving a comment below!

Are you hooked on stamping?  If you love Stampin’ Up! as much as I do, there’s no better time to JOIN.

Stampin' Up! Party Outline from TeamStampinFool.wordpress.com

Stampin’ Up! Party Outline

Stampin' Up! Party Outline from TeamStampinFool.wordpress.com

The Stampin’ Up! Party Plan from Team Stampin Fool is amazing.  This is the template I use for every stamp party I hold, host, demonstrate, train, and recruit.  It is a foolproof system for hitting the key points, using the right booking and recruiting seeds, and explaining why it is so easy to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

Preview of the Stampin’ Up Party Outline

Keep reading and get the download below.The Stampin Up Party Outline will help you prepare for every party or workshop and is a MUST have for training and recruiting. The best recruiting tool you have is showing what you love and using the outline to show others how easy it can be. Stampin' Up Training from StampinFool.com


Basically, we call it a backwards catalog party- meaning the Starter Kit and the Hostess Rewards are at the back and that’s where we start this party.  We also take all of the fear and unknown out of being a demonstrator by having a party plan in place.


So, here are the details: the Party Outline is a guide with complete phrases to say at your next Stampin’ Up! party.  You will print out the outline (or two), laminate it, put a copy in your Party Binder and take it with you to stamp events.

By having it with you at parties, and using it in your demonstrations (even if you know it frontwards and backwards) your customers can see that 1) it is easy to be a demonstrator, 2) you don’t have to memorize it all, 3) when a customer says, I can’t be demonstrator, I wouldn’t know what to say, you can hand them the second copy of your party outline (or give them yours) and ask say, “Okay what’s next?”.  Let them read off to you the next part of the party demonstration.


  • The Stampin’ Up! Party Outline goes something like this:
  • Introduction of yourself
  • Introduction to Stampin Up- what, where
    • Best Deal is the starter Kit
  • Door Prize, Recruiting and Hosting Seeds, “Ask Me Anything” Game (Recruiting tool)
  • Demo & Make and Take
  • What You’ll Need as a customer- Reminder
  • Catalog handout & review of how to order and join
  • Wrap Up Instructions: deliver time, cancelation policy, who to pay

Why Does it Work?

By handing your customer the outline and having an answer to how you “do it” readily available it takes out the “what ifs”, the fear of not knowing what to say, and simplifies the demonstrator experience into something completely manageable for any potential recruit.  It eliminates the I don’t know what to say response. It give your customer confidence that it really is that simple.

It can be nerve wrecking to think about starting a new business, even if it is something you love and have done for years.  But with the right tools at your fingertips, the scary venture becomes an opportunity you can’t pass up.

I’ve been a demonstrator forever, Do I need it?

YES!  The answer is yes.  Even though you know how you run a stamp party frontwards and backwards, this party outline is a recruiting tool.  I lets the customer know that we are human (not superhuman) and that it is okay to need help.  Even if you go through most of your demonstration unwavering, pick up the outline a few times and refer to it during your event. I guarantee it will spark interest in your customers.

Remember, when a customer says no, it means not right now, it may not mean “No” forever.

Download it NOW: Stampin’ Up Party Outline}

Happy hosting and recruiting!  Be sure to let me know how the Party Outline works at your next event by leaving a comment below!

Stampin' Up! Party Outline from TeamStampinFool.wordpress.com

Are you hooked on stamping?  If you love Stampin’ Up! as much as I do, there’s no better time to JOIN.

Like what you see?  Check out my follow up post on recruiting with the Flip My Party flyer. Click the photo below to read the post and get the printable.


Social Media Stat Tracker- FREE Printable

Hello, Hello.  I have an awesome surprise for you today.  In addition to a sneak peek of the sweetest little friendship project ever that I am going to show you, I have made the best Weekly Social Media Statistics Tracking printable page for you to use in your business. Whether you are a blogger like me, craft show vendor, small creative business owner, or the like this printable is going to be super useful.

I like to keep up with statistics.  In fact, I use the Secret Blogger Business #BlogYeah Planner to keep up with monthly goals, stats, and challenges for myself and my businesses/blogs (yep, I have more than one– and I highly recommend the #BlogYeah Planner).  It has multiple pages for each month, an a really great monthly stat tracking worksheet.  But alas, I am a compulsive stat checker, so I needed something a little more comprehensive.  And when you can’t find one, you make your own.  So I made a printable PDF for you- two ways- to track your important stats.  You’re welcome!

So here’s what I came up with- a weekly stat tracker for your page views, visitors, Facebook Likes, Pinterest followers, Instagram followers, Twitter followers, You Tube subscribers, Mailing list.  The chart goes from now, April 2016- March 2017, weekly quoting stats every Wednesday.  At the end of the document I also included a blank template with a few extra social media blanks to fill in your choice as well as no dates so you can choose the schedule which you wish to track.

And one more bonus, I am adding in a yearly stat tracker for you to use!  Here’s a peek at the trackers. They are beautiful, watercolored, hand lettered with pretty font and cute social media buttons!  You’re going to love using them.  The download link is available below in a PDF.

Social Media Stat Tracker FREE PRINTABLE from StampinFool.com DOWNLOAD IT HERE:  Social Media Stat Tracker– Blank

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Social Media Stat Tracker– Weekly

DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Social Media Stat Tracker – Monthly for the Year 2016

Social Media Stat Tracker_pg1-01

Alright, the last thing is that I promised a sneak peek of tomorrow’s project which will just make you squeal!   Eek!  Isn’t it adorable. I just love this little treat holder. I can’t wait to share more photos and the detailed instructions with you tomorrow.

Birthday Bouquet Designer Paper with Cups and Kettle Framelits from the Stamping Up 2016 Occasion Catalog

Seven Secrets to Successful Pinterest Boards

Let’s Talk About Pinterest

Seven Secrets to Successful Pinterest Boards

Hello, hello and welcome back.   I’m here to help you out today.  You may have read my post over on StampinFool.com about Pinterest.  It’s called: How to get the Most out of Pinterest: Advanced Tips.  It is actually a really thorough post- with photos, to help you navigate Pinterest as both a user and as a small business owner/blogger.  Recently, Pinterest has made some changes to both the user interface (the way it looks/shows pins) and the algorithm (how it picks what to show you and of your pins).  If you are using Pinterest for business or are ready to start this post will be invaluable to you, so keep reading and take notes. Scratch that, I’m going to give you a FREE printable with notes for you!

For more great Pins, follow me here {Pinterest}.

Get the Most out of Pinterest with these Advanced Tips at StampinFool.com

Are you ready to talk.  Here are some things you need to know.  When Pinterest updated, they changed things so your old way of using Pinterest isn’t going to cut it.  While I’m not going to go into why you need Pinterest for your small business, (YOU NEED IT) I am going to go straight into what you can do to make it work for you.


If you are going to all of the trouble to write rich pin descriptions, pin hundreds of pins, repin and clean up your pinterest boards, and gain thousands of followers, you need a place to direct them. If you followers have nowhere online to find you, all of your efforts will lead to great friendships with fellow pinners, but no business or $$.  So, before you start going crazy with your pins, make sure you have a website, blog, Facebook page, Newsletter sign up, or online Shop to direct your new fans to.


The new Pinterest algorithm is not down for hashtags.  When someone searches for a certain item, say a stamp set, Pinterest collects pins of high quality- this means they have a lot of reins, a good description and not a lot of hashtags. Limit hashtags to one per post or your pins won’t be ranked well in the search results to your fellow pinners.  This is especially important when repinning- make sure you remove the # from the description. Which brings me to my next point.

3.  HAVE COLORFUL PIN DESCRIPTIONSSince you have put in the time to set up an online venue for your pinners to go to, you want to make sure they see you.  In order for Pinterest to give your Pins thousands of impressions, you need great descriptions.  Your description should include things like the brand name, your business name, the item show, what color it is, what print is shown, the price, where to buy it, and what it is about.  Here is an example:
Get the Most out of Pinterest with these Advanced Tips at StampinFool.com Get the Most out of Pinterest with these Advanced Tips at StampinFool.com



Healthy boards will show up to more pinners.  How do you make a healthy board?  Check out the habits of your boards with Board Booster. With a weeks free trial you will quickly be able to review the reports and see which boards do well, what the best times to pin are and how to keep a high pinning rate.  A few things you should do:

  1. Make sure your boards are relevant: crafty, seasonal, DIY, food- all categories most people follow.
  2. Safety in Numbers:  while you shouldn’t pin anything just to pin it, having a lot of pins makes you the authority on that matter.  So pin away, but choose wisely. Good content, good descriptions, no hashtags.   Before you go pinning thousands of pins, read the rest of this post.  You’ll thank me later.
  3. Delete pins with less than 3 reins:  Yes, this is a ton of work, but when your content doesn’t have Repins, it isn’t going to show up when people search.  I can attest to this.  I spent hours (literally hours) going through 22,000 pins and looking at the number of repins. When I cleaned up the boards by deleting pins that weren’t getting repins, my boards flourished.  More pinners following me and more repins on my pins. While I was deleting pins, I noticed a pattern- the pins with 0 -2 repins had hashtags, no pin description, or no relevant information in the description.  The pins mostly contained the person who posted it’s name or website or even worse, the name of the photo file i.e. IMG3597693.  This seriously impact the pins health.  If there are no terms related to the pin how will the search feature know how to find it. It won’t.  You won’t get repins, your pins won’t show up because your boards will be irrelevant, and you won’t drive traffic to your site/shop.
  4. How to Delete:  I’ve done the hard work for you.  I made all the of the mistakes trying to clean up my boards and now I know the easiest way to do it.  Pick a board any board of yours.  Scroll to the bottom- keep scrolling and loading pins.  All the way- until you cannot scroll any further.  Click “Move Pins” at the top right of the screen.  You can select up to 50 at a time.  Click “Delete”.  You’re welcome.  My first board of 2,00 pins, I clicked each pin manually and deleted.  Then I realized there was a bulk feature.
  5. *PRO TIP #1:  Start by deleting pins with zero-1 repins.  If you still have thousands on the board, move up to 2-3 repins and delete.
  6. **PRO TIP #2: If a pin is very visually striking and you know it will do well it just did not have a proper description, write out a vivid, clear, specific description and save the pin.
  7. ***PRO TIP #3:  Alright, this one is for YOU.  Along the way in my deleting journey, there were pins which I loved; they were beautiful, things I wanted to remake or use, but the content wasn’t healthy to my board.  So, in a new browser window create a “Secret Board” and click to the original website link of the pin and from there pin it to your secret board.  (You can’t move a Pin to a secret board). Don’t forget to delete the pin that didn’t do well.

5.  Great Descriptions & No Hashtags.   I already talked about this earlier, but it is crucial to the health of your Pinterest Boards. Make sure whether you are editing pins, or pinning new items, that you take the time to read and edit descriptions now, so you don’t have to delete thousands of pins later.


Pinterest is visual.  Chances are if you repins things that are bright, bold, visual- other people will repin them.


This is my second shoutout to Board Booster because it really works.  If you are a power pinner, thousands of pins, or you are trying to get there, try the FREE trial and see what it does for you.  My followers increased and repins increased once I started pinning at the best times.  I added a few high traffic boards to Board Booster, it creates a secret board that I pin to and then I tell it what time to repin those pins and where to pin them. In addition, in order to keep up a high pinning rate, I can pin relevant pins to the secret board (hundreds in a row) without overloading the feed of my followers and making me a spammer.  Board Booster will space out the pins over time as to now bog down my feed. The practical application for me it I can pin all morning, but set them to release between 10pm and midnight when I have my highest repin rate.  At the end of each week, I get an email telling me how my boards and pins did.  And let me just say- for the $10 a month I pay to Board Booster (I was hooked after the free trial- read the FAQ on their website- it is really detailed about pricing, how to know what pricing you fall into, and how lenient they are with pricing and categories), my revenue from clicks from Pinterest to sales on my blog increased by double in a two month period.  Will it continue to double every two months? Not without other work on my end, but yes it will keep steady and increase if I continue working the boards and blog.


I know, She with the most pins wins.   While it is somewhat true that if you have a lot of pins people will know that you actively pin, increasing their chance of seeing new content from your pins, it can also mean more irrelevant pins and blowing up their feed.  You know what happens when people blow up my feed with hundreds of pins back to back? I unfollow them.   You lose people by overdoing it.  So do yourself a favor and Power pin to a  secret board that moves the pins to boards in a timely, spaced out manner, after you have checked the pin descriptions and the probability of it being repinned well. Yes, it is a lot of work, but if you put in the time, you will see results!

As promised, here is your FREE {Pinterest Printable} to get you started with great pinning.  You can download it by clicking the photo or link.

Seven Secrets to Successful Pinterest Boards

Alright, there you have it.  A list of 7 and 3/4 tips about making the best of Pinterest for your small business.  Do you have any other great tips for making Pinterest work for you?  I’d LOVE to hear them so please, share them below in the comments!!


Power Hour for Direct Sales

Power Hour for Direct Sales

Power Hour for Direct SalesPower Hour

I am sure you have heard it before, but may not know how to implement it or how it would benefit your business.  Fear not, I am going to explain, outline a schedule, and give detailed examples of how to utilize Power Hour.

For me, Power Hour is when the kids are napping or I am on my lunch break. It means abandoning the laundry, or dishes, or mopping the floors.  It is putting customer service as a priority to my house. And sometimes it means letting the TV babysit your kids for an hour, gasp!  (Or giving him a little bowl of chips like I am right now).  I am a devoted mother and homemaker all day long, and one hour isn’t going to send things into shambles around the house, but it can make a huge difference in the service you provide to your customers, team members, and potentials.

How to use Power Hour

So, how do I use Power Hour for my Stampin’ Up! business? The goal of power hour should be to #1 schedule bookings, events, hostesses, #2 keep your team motivated, #3 evaluate yourself, and #4 follow through on promises you’ve made.  I find that #4 is my biggest challenge.  It is by far difficult to meet all the tasks I have taken upon myself and so unintentional when they are not met.  Although I do not intentionally forget tasks, and life gets in the way, or I am exhausted and fall asleep early instead of following through, constantly not meeting others expectations will hurt your business.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. And that is what Power Hour is all about.

When do I do Power Hour

This answer will be different for each person, and it can be different during different seasons of our lives.  I cannot abandon my housework everyday at nap time, so I choose 2 days around noon and 2 evenings after everyone is asleep (this is not the ideal time to make calls, so emails or Facebook messages work best for me at these times).

You should have an entire hour available to you. Yes sometimes the kids wake up early or you have unexpected work that you must return to, but for the most part, you need to make use of the entire hour because skipping any step is a pitfall.  If you cannot complete all of the tasks you will work on, follow up.  Shoot a quick email or call to let the people you have talked to know that you had something come up and set a time to make sure it gets done by and FOLLOW THROUGH.

Power Hour Outline

  • First 15 minutes: Customer and Hostess contact (4-5 people). Call potential hostesses who have expressed an interest in hosting a party.  Set a party date.  Call customers to tell them there is a new product you know will meet their need or that they would love.  Talk to a customer you know would make a great consultant and tell them the opportunity available to them.
  • Second 15 minutes: Team Calls (4-5 minutes each).  Call your current (or potential) team members to see how business is going for them.  Are they having a slow month (is every month slow)?  Take those few minutes to set goals with them- SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Timely).  [Ex: Add 5 new buying customers this week. Recruit 1 new new team member by the end of the month.  Have $500 in sales each month for 3 months.]
  • Next 5 minutes: Self Evaluation.  Take 5 minutes to review what you have done and whether it worked or not.  Did you text people and they didn’t respond- try calling next time. Did you send Facebook messages to 3 people telling them the great Free product they could earn this month and all 3 booked. If it worked try it again.  If it did not work, try something different next Power Hour.
  • Last 25 minutes: Follow Up.  The fortune is in the follow up.  This is how you build meaningful relationships. You MUST FOLLOW THROUGH. If you booked three parties or told a customer about a great new special, mail them the hostess packet or send them a flyer with the special. If you told a team member you would send information, send it.  You cannot expect to succeed if you don’t put the time into it.

More Examples

Customer Contact:

  • Call 4 customers who ordered last month and say, “I hope you loved _______(product X) that you ordered last month.  I would love for you to get [$25 of free product; product Z for FREE].  Let ‘s book a party for you to get that. “
  • Send a text message with  a picture of a product/sample of the finish project with this “Check out this cute ______.  Don’t you just have to have it?  Do you have a date available in March to earn it for free by having a few friends over for some fun?”
  • Email a friend and say, “Hey girl, how are ya?! I just became an independent consultant for _____________ and I am SO excited about my new business! If you haven’t heard, ___product_____ are awesome with over 300 amazing designs, that last forever!  Seriously, how awesome is that?! As I launch my business I would love it if I could host a party for you! What do you say? Want to help me reach my goal and earn some free stuff?!”
  • “Hey Becky! This is April, Silas’s mom from music class!  I’m not sure if we’ve ever talked about this, but I’m actually a Stampin’ Up! party girl and I thought of you! I was thinking you might be interested in getting a few friends together for a girl’s night! A fun chance to get craft, eat some brownies, drink some wine… Would you be up for something like that in the next month or two?”
    • When they say no that is OKAY!!!
    • When they say maybe, wait 2 weeks and try again
    • Go for the NO!! No means, not right now, not No forever!
    • It’s like coffee or chocolate chip cookies. (A waitress walks around offering coffee and a guest says no, she just moves on and tries with the next customer. Same with chocolate chip cookies. You offer it to the first person and they say no, you don’t sulk, you just ask the next person

Team Calls:

  • Goal Setting- SMART goals. Make a little document and email it to them and call to talk about it.  Fill it out as well, and check back next time on those goals.
  • Providing Training materials to help them meet goals.  Whether it is a party flyer, a graphic for Facebook, a booking phrase. Giving your team ideas of how to word an invitation can REALLY help boost confidence. Saying the right thing and making your statements geared toward what you can do for a hostess or customer will help your team meet the needs of the customer, and who can say NO to free stuff when you offer it the right way. (See examples above)
  • Encourage & Reward them to sell to the next level or tier.  This will help their business as well as yours.  Make sure you are acknowledging hard work. Give a personal call to let them know what a great job they are doing.  Be specific in what they achieved, was it $100 in sales more than last month, top recruiter, best hostess packet idea.
  • A recruiting tip.  Make use of this time to send them tips that helped your business.  If you just held a successful event for recruiting pass along those tips. If you focused on one product at your last party and you sold it to everyone, tell your team members how what you said and did to show the value in that product so that they may do the same.  Did you offer a free prize for a new recruit? Give them that information.


  • What worked?  Calls to a friend.  Calling another direct seller and offering to do a party swap- I host for you, you host for me. Messaging all of the people who are active on Facebook during that 15 minutes (This is called Green Lighting- you choose the people who have a green light next to their name in the chat box).
  • What did not work? Emailing past hostesses- try calling next time.  Calling and no one answered, try texting with a cute picture to pique their interest.  Change what does not work until you find something that does.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.  No one likes rejection, I get it. I know that. I am afraid to fail also, but doing nothing is the track to failure. So, suggest, ask and offer to everyone and never take NO as permanent. Try again later, with a different approach.

Follow Up:

  • After you have made calls, texts and messages send out the information you stated you would. If three girls booked a party, label three hostess packets and get them ready to post.  If you offered the business opportunity to a friend, send them a recruit package. If you told a few ladies about a great new product, send them a flier.  If you did one of these things last week, then this week you need to follow up.  Shoot a quick email- “Hey, what did you think of that _____ I sent you.  I knew you would love it. Don’t forget to order while it’s on sale. Here is the link _____”.
  • If you offered tips to your team members, send a quick email confirming what you discussed.  If you talked about a booking tip that worked, snap a picture and text it out.
  • Update your calendar and to do list.  Make sure you have added new bookings, entered sales or closed orders you just made, and check off the commitments you just discussed.
  • It is a good practice to write down what you discussed and with whom while making your initial two Power Hour calls. This way you won’t forget and you can quickly move through the follow up phase.
  • Have materials already prepared. Thank you cards, hostess packets, recruit information.

Tips to Make the Most of Power Hour

  • Group tasks together: If you keep your customer tasks together and team tasks together you will save time.  Ex: Make all customer contacts today about booking.  Make all Team calls about goal setting.  OR Make all customer calls about a new product that’s on special and make all Team calls about a new example marketing tool you are using. If you make each call alike, then you follow through will be streamlined for each person you contacted.
  • Think in terms of minutes not hours: Breaking down One Hour a Day can change the overwhelming amount of tasks you have into manageable items.  Use your minutes wisely, and when going about your day, add up all of the minutes you are wasting.  I once took a sheet of notebook paper and jotted down everything I did in a day, along with time markers. WOW, I wasted a lot of time.  When I use a set amount of time to accomplish a task I accomplish more.  Here is an example:  I set 30 minutes on the microwave timer to power clean the house. I get a load of laundry thrown over, a new load in, and the dishwasher loaded and started. I clear and wipe the table and sweep the floor. Later, I allocate 45 mins to reading books and quiet learning activities with the littles.  They we have 60 minutes of outdoor play time where I can work on my laptop for 30 minutes while he runs wild and run with him the other 30 minutes.  Although the tasks are different every day, breaking it down and looking at how your time is spent can really motivate you to make the most of it.
  • Prepare materials in advance:  When I don’t get a Power Hour in during the day, I use the evening while watching a show with the Hubs to print labels, gather materials for hostess packets, print flyers for packets, print documents for my team, make thank you cards, put incentives/samples in baggies with business cards & schedule of events, make marketing graphics with PicMonkey and Canva, work on Newsletters content, write Facebook Party scripts, & find images online to use for marketing.
  • Avoid Multitasking: While you generally think multitasking is a good thing, in this case, while working on Power Hour tasks, keep to the schedule and only compete the things in an assigned section.  You will get more done if these things have your undivided attention. I usually go into the kitchen with a notepad and phone, or go into my office and close the door- no tv, no Facebook (unless I am sending messages), no computer if I am just making calls, no food or eating! No distractions! 

Has this clarified Power Hour? I hope you will use these tips to help navigate the demands of running a successful direct sales or party model business.  When my business is struggling, it is usually in the follow through and not putting enough effort into all of the components of the job.  I have found them infinitely helpful and when I make use of my time, I accomplish more and have results that are consistent with hard work.

Power Hour for Direct Sales