Stampin' Up! Party Outline from

Stampin’ Up! Party Outline

Stampin' Up! Party Outline from

The Stampin’ Up! Party Plan from Team Stampin Fool is amazing.  This is the template I use for every stamp party I hold, host, demonstrate, train, and recruit.  It is a foolproof system for hitting the key points, using the right booking and recruiting seeds, and explaining why it is so easy to be a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.

Preview of the Stampin’ Up Party Outline

Keep reading and get the download below.The Stampin Up Party Outline will help you prepare for every party or workshop and is a MUST have for training and recruiting. The best recruiting tool you have is showing what you love and using the outline to show others how easy it can be. Stampin' Up Training from


Basically, we call it a backwards catalog party- meaning the Starter Kit and the Hostess Rewards are at the back and that’s where we start this party.  We also take all of the fear and unknown out of being a demonstrator by having a party plan in place.


So, here are the details: the Party Outline is a guide with complete phrases to say at your next Stampin’ Up! party.  You will print out the outline (or two), laminate it, put a copy in your Party Binder and take it with you to stamp events.

By having it with you at parties, and using it in your demonstrations (even if you know it frontwards and backwards) your customers can see that 1) it is easy to be a demonstrator, 2) you don’t have to memorize it all, 3) when a customer says, I can’t be demonstrator, I wouldn’t know what to say, you can hand them the second copy of your party outline (or give them yours) and ask say, “Okay what’s next?”.  Let them read off to you the next part of the party demonstration.


  • The Stampin’ Up! Party Outline goes something like this:
  • Introduction of yourself
  • Introduction to Stampin Up- what, where
    • Best Deal is the starter Kit
  • Door Prize, Recruiting and Hosting Seeds, “Ask Me Anything” Game (Recruiting tool)
  • Demo & Make and Take
  • What You’ll Need as a customer- Reminder
  • Catalog handout & review of how to order and join
  • Wrap Up Instructions: deliver time, cancelation policy, who to pay

Why Does it Work?

By handing your customer the outline and having an answer to how you “do it” readily available it takes out the “what ifs”, the fear of not knowing what to say, and simplifies the demonstrator experience into something completely manageable for any potential recruit.  It eliminates the I don’t know what to say response. It give your customer confidence that it really is that simple.

It can be nerve wrecking to think about starting a new business, even if it is something you love and have done for years.  But with the right tools at your fingertips, the scary venture becomes an opportunity you can’t pass up.

I’ve been a demonstrator forever, Do I need it?

YES!  The answer is yes.  Even though you know how you run a stamp party frontwards and backwards, this party outline is a recruiting tool.  I lets the customer know that we are human (not superhuman) and that it is okay to need help.  Even if you go through most of your demonstration unwavering, pick up the outline a few times and refer to it during your event. I guarantee it will spark interest in your customers.

Remember, when a customer says no, it means not right now, it may not mean “No” forever.

Download it NOW: Stampin’ Up Party Outline}

Happy hosting and recruiting!  Be sure to let me know how the Party Outline works at your next event by leaving a comment below!

Stampin' Up! Party Outline from

Are you hooked on stamping?  If you love Stampin’ Up! as much as I do, there’s no better time to JOIN.

Like what you see?  Check out my follow up post on recruiting with the Flip My Party flyer. Click the photo below to read the post and get the printable.



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