FLIP MY PARTY: Recruiting Made Easy

Flip My Party flyer from StampinFool.com is a great way to let hostesses know that they can turn their love for stamping into an easy flip.


Did you read my last post about using a Party Outline as a recruiting tool? I have seen it done in many other direct sales companies and it is a great way to help you navigate your parties.  In addition to using the Party Outline at every party I host or demonstrate, I use the Flip My Party Flyer.

When a hostess books a party, I send out a packet.  It includes a catalog or seasonal catalog, three handmade cards (two seasonal if appropriate) and one general.  Adding the cards is a great way to pique the interest of guests.  The hostess can feel out her friends by showing them the amazing handmade cards that they will get to make at her party!

The packet also includes a Hostess Checklist, for which I follow up each step of the way.  But, one of the most important things I include is the FLIP MY PARTY Flyer.  I email it out to the hostess before the party, after she receives the packet.  The email goes something like this: “I wanted to make sure you received the Hostess packet I mailed out.  Also, I have an amazing special that I offer to all of my hostesses and I wouldn’t want you to miss out.  Check out the flyer attached.  Let me know what you think!”

Simple, right?  It is that easy.  They flyer explains everything easily and it gives the hostess a chance to think about getting the benefits from her party ASAP without putting on the pressure.  After all, we joined Stampin’ Up! because we loved the products, the discounts, the friendships, and of course the sneak peeks.  Oh and the extra paycheck for doing what you love is always an incentive!

Feel free to download the FLIP MY PARTY flyer, but make sure you don’t crop out my logo or watermark.  I offer my materials for free, but appreciate your cooperation in maintainig the work I put into it.

Flip My Party flyer from StampinFool.com is a great way to let hostesses know that they can turn their love for stamping into an easy flip.

Preview of the Stampin’ Up Party Outline

Keep reading and get the download below.The Stampin Up Party Outline will help you prepare for every party or workshop and is a MUST have for training and recruiting. The best recruiting tool you have is showing what you love and using the outline to show others how easy it can be. Stampin' Up Training from StampinFool.com

I’ve been a demonstrator forever, Do I need it?

YES!  The answer is yes.  Even though you know how you run a stamp party frontwards and backwards, this flyer is a recruiting tool.  It let’s hostesses know that the offer to join Stampin Up is extended to them.  I guarantee it will spark interest in your customers.

Remember, when a customer says no, it means not right now, it may not mean “No” forever.

Download it NOW: Stampin’ Up FLIP MY PARTY}

Happy hosting and recruiting!  Be sure to let me know how the Flip My Party flyer works at your next event by leaving a comment below!

Are you hooked on stamping?  If you love Stampin’ Up! as much as I do, there’s no better time to JOIN.


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